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Virdus Cosult provides highly skilled project management, process engineering and design services as an alternative to fixed staff for an ever changing and highly cyclical business environment.

As consulting service to engineering, construction, technology, municipal and industrial clients Virdus Consult provides clients with the confidence that the project, contractors, sub-contractors and service providers are managed and controlled to provide the highest quality service, deliverables and latest technologies while efficiently facilitating the project team with what is needed to execute the project to the highest standards.

Disciplines & Services: Process Engineering, Design (Conceptual, Basic & Detailed), HAZOP and Design Review, Project & Engineering Management

Applications: Mining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas


Our full-time consultants are owners or aspiring owners of Virdus Consult. As such our clients are guaranteed of high quality service from highly experienced  and skilled professionals so as to ensure their satisfaction and repeated business with Virdus Consult.


One of the founding goals of Virdus Consult is to create a platform wherein like-minded professionals can be guided to practice their professions and specialities for their own account. For this reason the concept of co-operative consultants was embraced and committed to.


A co-operative consultant is a professional person affiliated with Virdus Consult who is interested in exploring the creation of a business based on his/her skills or experience but can't afford to dedicate him/herself full-time to their passion yet. As such Virdus Consult takes care of the administration and provides them with a business vehicle through which to operate and provide their services. In this way the co-operative consultant can focus on the service offered and at the same time is provided the possibility to create a market or business which can hopefully develop into a full-time partnership or venture for the co-operative consultant.

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