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banke is a Bavarian company that is known worldwide for their innovations, technologies and commitment to their clients. They are a service provider for engineering planning on the one hand, and plant constructors for state-of-the-art technology on the other. banke been setting the standard with its technology in hop processing since 2006: innovative, flexible and technically experienced - according to the motto "A project is only completed when the customer is satisfied". 

Virdus Consult is banke's partner and exclusive sales representative for Spain and Portugal. We also assist banke with our membrane technology and water treatment experience and locally are the project execution team and project managers for any banke related projects in our region.


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Technologies: Hop dosing, brewhouse, energy recovery, dealcoholization, lauter rakes, beer flavour infusion, pre-mashing, etc.





Energy Recovery


Flavour Dosing

Dry Hopping

Hop Dosing


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Evove's transformational Enhance and Separonics™ product lines take membranes to the next level, overcoming the inherent flaws in conventional architectures. No longer do random pore sizes and distribution cause frequent foul-ups, hindering a high flux rate and necessitating constant backwashing. No longer are membrane systems troublesome, energy greedy or take masses of space.

Virdus Consult is Evove's business development partner for Spain and food and FMCG applications. We assist Evove with our membrane technology, food and beverage and water treatment experience and locally help out in project execution.


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Technologies: Enhance coatings, Enhance Inserts, Enhance Spacers, Separonics®


Enhance Coatings


Enhance Spacers


Enhance Inserts



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