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Avic provides secure, cost-effective, scalable and flexible IoT solutions. The best solution regardless of the diversity and complexity of your assets and suitable for all types of IoT services. Combining your market expertise with IoT knowledge and experience is the first step on the way of turning your idea into a working IoT solution. IoT needs field-installed hardware devices, connectivity, and a software platform that brings everything together, from managing your devices to visualizing information and automating workflows. AVIC offers a comprehensive portfolio of LegioBox IoT devices that work right out-of-the-box with the Avision IoT Platform. Basing your IoT solution on such a tightly and elegantly integrated foundation ensures that your IoT solution will work reliably, and can be launched within budget and on time.

Virdus Consult is Avic's partner and sales representative for Spain and Portugal.


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Technologies/Services/Applications: Asset Management, Device Management, Maintenance Management


IoT Platform | AVISION

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