Dr Casper (C.J.) Crous

Casper ProfPic.JPG
Company Role:
Senior Consultant - Environmental & Ecological Sciences
PhD (Conservation Ecology), University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Skills & Training:
Adaptive Management Strategies, Conservation Planning, Ecological Network Design, Invasive Plant Management, Species Assessments, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Monitoring
Current Focus Topics:
Agroecosystems, Commodity Production Landscapes
Casper's mission is to provide sustainable environmental management solutions in commodity production landscapes. As a university post doctorate he has served as researcher and lecturer for various universities in South Africa and Portugal. As consultant and business owner he has worked in the forestry, vine and wine, and agriculture industries in South Africa. He has also published various articles in publications such as Nature, Koedoe, The South African Journal of Botany, and Tree Physiology.
Articles, Presentations, Activity & Awards