Susana Pérez

Company Role:
Co-operative Consultant - Forestry Engineer
MSc (Forestry Engineering), ETSI Montes - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Skills & Training:
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Ecosystem Services Modelling, Carbon Accounting, Database Management, Forest Inventories, Forest Management  
Current Focus Topics:
Adaptation to Climate Change, Ecosystem Services
Coming from a forest engineering background, her core experience lies in climate change mitigation and adaptation. She is trained in using simulation modelling to assess the interactions between commodity production, ecosystem goods and services, and ultimately landscape resilience. Susana has been involved in both national and international projects and has experience in various technical fields ranging from academic research to socially and politically oriented projects (such as rural development and GHG accounting).
Articles, Presentations, Activity & Awards
  • Biophysical modelling of carbon stock changes resulting from selected forest management strategies for bioenergy in Austria - Final Report SmartForests (Oct. 2013) - Link to article not available
  • Greenhouse Gases Inventory Report (NIR) Sector LULUCF: Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (Forests), for United National Framework of the Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) (Editions 2006 to 2008) - Link to article not available
  • Modelling of carbon sequestration in forests: Effects of the species choice - Poster - Cost Action 639 Meeting - Barcelona (Spain) (Oct. 2007) - Link to article not available