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Nerine Gardiner

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Company Role:
Co-operative Consultant - Language & Communications
Post-Graduate Diploma (Copywriting),
AAA School of Advertising, South Africa
BA (Language & Culture),
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Skills & Training:
Editing, Copywriting, Advertising, Web Design, Communications, Charity Management, French
Current Focus Topics:
Consumer Behavior
In written works, meaning is often lost due to clumsy or faulty language use. That is why, as a language and communications specialist, Nerine focuses​ not only ​on editing and correcting written works, but also in helping authors restructure their writing so that their arguments flow comfortably and their points are easy to follow and understand. Nerine is also the champion of Girl with Cake, a global charitable movement started by her in Cape Town, South Africa.
Articles, Presentations, Activity & Awards
  • Loerie Award: Silver (2015), Branded Content Radio: Tassenberg Your Legend Lives On

  • Assegai: Silver (2014), Most Effective Use of Content: Tassenberg

  • Pendoring: Silver (2014), Digital & Interactive: Tassenberg

  • Pendoring: Silver (2014), Original South African Integrated Campaign: Tassenberg

  • Assegai: Leader (2014), Branded Content

  • Pendoring: Grand Prix (2013), Toyota Hilux Radio Campaign

  • Pendoring: Gold (2013), Toyota Hilux Radio Campaign

  • Creative Circle Ad of the Month: Silver (2012), Toyota Radio

  • Creative Circle Ad of the Month: Silver (2012), Toyotacare Radio

  • Pendoring: Silver (2012), Toyota Radio

  • Clio: Bronze (2011), Vodacom Print

  • Creative Circle Ad of the Month: Bronze (2011), Vodacom Print

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