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Virdus Works utilises decades of industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural property development experience to ensure seamless and efficient execution of any property development project undertaken by our clients.

Through the in-depth understanding of our client's needs and our experience in the legal, regulatory, technical, strategic and commercial aspects surrounding such projects, combined with creative and problem solving mindsets of each one of our consultants, our clients have the confidence that they cannot place their projects and properties in better hands.

Disciplines & Services: Property Development Management, Environmental Management, Town Planning, Municipal Management.

Applications: Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural Property Development


Virdus Works provides the services necessary to create an effective balance between human development and the natural environment.


Through a network of environmental professionals and specialists and a dedication to the maintenance and improvement of the delicate balance that exists, Virdus Consult offers an array of specialist services to ensure that humankind can continue to grow while maintaining harmony with the natural world.

Disciplines & Services: Specialist Environmental Studies, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Biodiversity Studies, Adaptive Management Strategies, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Recovery Programs, Environmental Audits, Environmental Best Practice Implementation, Environmental Management Planning

Applications: Winery & Vineyards, Forestry, Plantations, Commodity Production, Construction & Property Development, Municipal, Agriculture



Since National Heritage Management can be a complex topic to handle, Virdus Works provides national heritage management services to our clients.

Through the use of our extensive experience in property development and management and our expertise in National Heritage Resources we provide our clients with the needed peace of mind in the consultation and management of what can be a complex and difficult process, such as applications, assessments and research, and various other related services.

Disciplines & Services: Property Development and Management, Research and Screening, Heritage Resources Management, Public Sector Tenders and Services.

Applications: Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Agricultural

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